"The Seychelles' climate is what you expect and Seychelles weather is what you'll get."

A constant 26–32 degrees Celsius throughout the year, but with heavy showers between November and February. High winds and thunderstorms are rare as unlike neighboring Mauritius, the Seychelles islands are situated outside of the cyclonic belt.

Trade winds blow in from the south-east from May to September, making the islands cooler and drier. Notice there is no winter or summer in Seychelles. That’s right!

The Seychelles weather is quite unpredictable from day to day. It can change abruptly. One moment it could be sunny, and the next it’s raining. Seychelles climate is tropical-oceanic-island type meaning it is mild tropical.

The sea breezes temper the weather. Seychelles climate is governed by two major prevailing winds: the SE trades – May to September, and the NW monsoon winds, from November to February. But there are still thunderstorms and prolonged heavy monsoon rains which can last several hours, especially in December and January. More rain falls on the higher granite islands of Mahe, Silhouette and Praslin, but sometimes La Digue is no exception!

Weather in March, April & October

There are two short periods of calm – in March / April and October when it is warmest (even hot for these islands at times). But there are always sea breezes, along the shoreline, which makes climate in Seychelles moderate-tropical, so you don’t get upper 30s (Celsius) during this period.

As we mentioned earlier, rain is pretty common in this, let’s say, dry season. But should this really worry you? Absolutely not, as weather in Seychelles is always warm, even when it rains. Think of it nice hot shower, as this is exact feeling you will get.

Weather from November to January

The Northwest winds bring rain – lots of it. Sunny periods and rain may alternate but it could occasionally rain for a whole day, or at least it seems so when you hunger for the sun. If you look around, the rich green forest says it all. Yes Seychelles weather is generous. It rains lavishly. Enjoy the rain. It’s a good time for fishing and swimming. Your hotel has a pool, right? And Seychelles needs rain. And never forget – Seychelles gets 340+ days of sunshine. If you travel in December and January it is wise to bring a light rainproof coat or a brolly. The evenings can be a little chilly sometimes. And don’t pay to much attention to the Seychelles weather forecast on a day-to-day basis especially as regards rain.

Weather from May to September

The drier time of year is May through September but the Seychelles weather has a mind of its own. So it may not cooperate with the climate norm and weather forecast!

One of the most important things to mention is that direction of winds dictates which beaches will be best to #chill, as some are known for dangerous cross-currents during different times of year. For example, Grand Anse & Petite Anse on La Digue, beaches which are always in TOP beaches of Seychelles, are not so nice from December – February, as you can expect huge waves which make swimming not so pleasant activity! We advise you to check our guide on Beaches of Seychelles, just to be on a safe side!